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We are a professional chemical trading company which has been importing and exporting many kinds

of chemicals and raw materials from China, Japan, America, India, Europe for the past several years.

If you want to import or export any of the following items, you can contact us at any time.

Ntrocellulose(NC)Chinadrum, BoxLacquer paint
Calcium ChlorideChina25kg, 1MT bagSnow clearings
Sulfamic AcidChina, Taiwan25kg, 1MT bagDye and Pigment
Sulfanilic AcidChina, India25kg, 1MT bagDye and Food pigment
Soda AshChina25kg, 1MT bagGlass, Detergents
Sodium NitriteChina25kg bagDye making etc
Gum RosinVietnam25kg bag, 240kg DrumPaints & Coatings
Carbon BlackChina25kg bagPaint & Pigment 
UreaChina1MT bagUrea solution
MelamineChina25kg bagPaint & Coatings
Titanium Dioxide(Tio2)China25kg bagPaint
Manganese SulphateChina25kg bagPaint, Ink driers, Battery
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS)China25kg bagSurfactants
Pentaerythritol25kg bag, 500kg bagManufacture of Alkyd resins
Hypromellose(MC, HPMC)ChinaPaints & Coatings
Magnesium HydroxideChinaFlame retardant
Manganese DioxideIndia, South Africa 1MT bagPigment
Ammonium ChlorideChinaDry cell batteries
Caustic SodaChina25kg bag, 1MT bagWater treatment
Magnesium Nitrate China25kg bagCeramics, Printing
Calcium NitrateChina25kg bagConcrete reinforcement
GraphiteChina1MT bagSteelmaking, Pencils
Acetic acidVinyl Acetate Monomer
Manganese SulphateChina25kg, 1MT bagDrier in ink, paint
Petroleum ResinChina25kg bagAdhesive etc
PhthalimideChina25kg bagPaint, Ink
Fumaric ResinChina25kg bag
EDTA-4NAChina25kg bagDetergents, Bleach, Pigment relief
UOP L PASTEItaly Absorbent
ISO L PASTEGermany35kg DrumAbsorbent