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We professionally import and export raw materials for the feed and fertilizer market.

Moreover, we have maintained pleasant business relations with reliable and competitive business

partners for many years.

Brucite/Magnesium HydroxideChina1MT BagFertilizer
Magnesia/Magnesium OxideChina1MT BagFertilizer/Feed
Kiserite/Magnesium SulfateChina1MT BagFertilizer
Magnesium SulfateChina1MT BagFertilizer
Calcium Nitrate AmmoniumChina25kg, 1MT BagFertilizer
Calcium NitrateChina25kg BagFertilizer
Potassium SulfateTaiwan25kg, 1MT BagFertilizer
UreaChina9.5kg, 1MT BagFertilizer
Potassium Nitrate China25kg, 1MT BagFertilizer
Magnesium Nitrate China25kg, 1MT BagFertilizer
Calcium Chloride China25kg, 1MT BagFertilizer
Ammonium ChlorideChina50kg, 1MT BagFertilizer
Manganese Sulfate China25kg, 1MT BagFertilizer/Feed
Copper SulfateChina25kg, 1MT BagFertilizer
Copper OxychlorideChina25kg, 1MT BagFertilizer
Urea Phosphate China25kg, 1MT BagFertilizer
Ammonium Phosphate MonobasicChina25kg, 1MT BagFertilizer
Ammonium Phosphate Dibasic China25kg, 1MT BagFertilizer
Potassium Phosphate, Monobasic China25kg, 1MT BagFertilizer
Compound FertilizerChina20kg, 1MT BagFertilizer